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"To anyone suffering from physical pain and or anxiety:  the neurofeedback process has been immensely helpful to me.   I used to worry all the time about anything and everything; this is no longer the case.  I am calm and therefore, suffer from less chronic pain than I have in the 9.5 years I have been disabled.  I would encourage you to go weekly (at least) for 2 months, since it did take a while to reap the benefits I have seen."- WG
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"Neurofeedback has helped me to have balance emotionally and to be a better problem-solver. 
My depression has decreased ten fold. Neurofeedback has really helped me to be able to take on new tasks." - TD
Neurofeedback has helped me reduce my anxiety so that I no longer need to take medication. - JX
I've been doing neurofeedback for almost a year- it's one of the best treatments I've had!  I did biofeedback in a hospital for depression and at discharge my psychiatrist recommended neurofeedback.  Because it is difficult to find a provider for this service, I moved to a nearby town to be close enough to get the service regularly.  I was very nervous about this in the beginning,but it turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life.    The brain regulation has helped my depression and my chronic disease (CFIDS).  -CC

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To all of you desperate parents out there with kids with ADHD, PTSD, behavioral difficulties.......TRY THIS. Our son had, for years, been on multiple different drugs, all with various side effects and none of which got the results we needed. We wound up with a very depressed boy who simply could not control himself enough to stay out of almost constant trouble, was unpleasant to be around, and whose "I just don't care anymore" attitude caused our whole family's life to seem completely out of control.

Since medications weren't working, we had nothing to lose by trying neurofeedback therapy, and what a difference it has made. It takes time, but after a few months we could see a difference. We could actually SEE him taking a moment to think before impulsively doing something that would get him in trouble. He still had to decide to make the correct choices, but at least he was now giving himself the opportunity to choose. Now there would be one or two good moments a day, instead of all bad ones. The good moments increased, and the bad ones decreased, the scales slowly tipping until--finally, after years of trying--the good times outweigh the bad. He has independently made the choice to avoid doing something that makes him hyper, so he can stay out of trouble. He has chosen to tell the truth when he has done something wrong. His memory and focus have improved to the point where we can actually have a real conversation with him, when before his thoughts were too scattered to maintain that. Our child is not a perfect angel. Neurofeedback doesn't make him do the right thing, it just teaches his brain to moderate itself, and to make better connections, so he CAN do the right thing if he chooses. We are very happy and proud when he makes the right choice, and so is he.

As for the process, it is easy, painless, and actually fun for our son. He plays the movie game(he loves movies!) His brain activity is measured while he watches a movie, and if his brain does something we don't want it to--for example, he loses focus or starts to have racing thoughts- the movie becomes blurry or blacked out. When he is able to get his brain activity under control--in this case, re-focused or calming down--the movie comes back on. Simple! He understands that in order to get the reward of the movie coming back on, he has to get his brain to do what it should. I believe that before he started neurofeedback, his brain had never done what it normally should--so of course it had to be taught how. To me it makes perfect common sense. You can't do something new if you haven't learned how. Well, now he is learning how to control his brain, and it has made him a much happier child. We fill out a form before each time we go, rating his behaviors better, worse, or no change, and he loves to count how many "betters" he has. He still takes medication, but it has been reduced twice since he started neurofeedback, which makes him and us happy too. If you feel that medication is not working for your child, or you would rather try a more natural approach, if you are simply at your wits' end and don't know what to do next--try neurofeedback. It has no ill effects that I know of. I believe that different things work for different people, and this may be the thing that brings peace and happiness back to your child, you, and your family, as it did for ours. -BB